Aluminum Honeycomb Panel Application

An aluminum honeycomb is a common panel in decoration. Where on earth is aluminum panel good at, and how widely it can be used?

The honeycomb structure is introduced from aerospace composite technology and the panel takes metal as its core material. It is structured with two sides of high-strength surfaces and a honeycomb core. We use aluminum mainly for lightweight, soundproof, fireproof, and high strength. The surface is also flexible and can be designed beautifully.

Except for aluminum alloy, the panel skin can be also stainless steel, fireproof panel, marble, aluminum-plastic, etc.

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Walls and Sides

Flexible shape and size make aluminum panels suitable for special requirements in various buildings. They can be laminated into curved panels or bent panels that can be easily installed on almost all kinds of keels.

Suspended Ceilings

The beautiful appearance and flexible design make aluminum honeycomb panels suitable for the suspended ceilings in advanced offices, hotels, cafes, etc.

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Aluminum Panel Application 3

Airports and Railway Stations

Aluminum honeycomb panels can be seen on the platforms, waiting room walls, roofs, and screens in railway stations, airports, wharves, etc.

Lift Interiors & Exteriors

Honeycomb aluminum panels feature fireproof, heat insulation, shock resistance, and cushioning, and are lightweight. It can greatly reduce the load of lifts and is currently the most ideal material for public elevators and freight elevators.

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