Aluminum Honeycomb Panel for Exteriors

Said to be introduced from Germany during the 1980s to 1990s, the aluminum honeycomb panel is gaining popularity quickly with its incomparable convenience and price quality. Of course, there are many other advantages. Here we will introduce some typical features.

Aluminum Panel Features & Advantages

Flat and smooth:

A key index of aluminum panel quality is peel strength and it is also a pride of related products. The high value of peel strength makes the panel extremely flat and also improves other performance.


We all know that aluminum is quite lighter than many common metals. The grammage of aluminum panels is 3.5kg to 5.5kg per square meter, which contributes to shock resistance and easy carrying. It is also easy to install.


Aluminum is inherently fireproof. Its panel products usually don’t need extra fire retardant. You can also add core materials like PE to meet higher regulations concerning fireproof.

Colorful appearance:

The aluminum panel skin can be painted into various colors without falling or fading. You can also use other materials as the skin.

Easy maintenance:

In some highly polluted cities, most buildings have to be cleaned every few years. This is a great cost. However, aluminum honeycomb panels are self-cleaning. Neutral detergent and water are enough to keep it clean and tidy for quite a long time.

Easy processing:

Aluminum is relatively soft and easy to form various structures. No matter bending, cutting, riveting, or bonding, it can be finished in a smooth process.

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