TOPOLO Interior Panel Features

Large width:

Up to 1500mm in width can fulfill more special design ideas.

VOC removal:

The special coating treatment of TOPOLO panels can remove decompose the decompose formaldehyde, benzene, and PM2.5 in the air automatically. The removal rate of VOC is up to 89.8%. The panel surface can also prevent dust accumulation.

Recyclable, easy-cleaning, and scratch-resistant:

The aluminum panel is self-cleaning and the special treatment gives the surface scratch resistance.

Quick completion:

The installation is free from glue and ventilation. You can directly settle down in the room right after paneling.

Both beautiful and fireproof:

The panel skin can be customized into colorful patterns such as technical wood. It is as beautiful looking as real wood, and meanwhile, gets the fireproof attribute from its supporting ingredients.

aluminum filmed panel-1
Colorful Skin of Interior Aluminum Panels

Thermal and sound insulation:

Aluminum products are not born with thermal and sound insulation. However, the hexagonal prism structure like honeycomb prevents airflow and sound propagation.

Lightweight and low density:

The hollow cell of the honeycomb greatly reduces the density of the whole panel. The weight is only 9% of FRP laminated panels, 11% of stainless steel panels, and 23% of aluminum alloy panels in the same volume.

High strength and rigidity:

The structure of the aluminum honeycomb panel is similar to that of many I-beams connected to each other, and it is densely reinforced. The core layer is distributed and fixed in the whole panel surface, which improves the overall rigidity and stability.

Impact absorption:

An Aluminum plastic panel deforms after a crash, while an aluminum honeycomb panel absorbs the impact and better keeps its initial structure.


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